Marain is joining BrightDrop.

Design the most efficient EV fleet operations at scale

We’re a simulation-first fleet operations planning and optimization software company

Use the power of simulation for fleet electrification and operation at scale

Simulation is an important tool for reducing uncertainty, improving planning capabilities, maximizing uptime and finding cost saving opportunities. Our products are built around a powerful and flexible multi-modal, agent-based simulation engine capable of representing a wide range of transportation and energy systems, and supplemented by optimization tools that leverage rich simulation data streams

Optimize fleet design and operations

Robust analysis tools are designed to provide you with actionable insights to improve decision making for a range of different fleet questions, from the planning stage through operations

Let’s make electric transportation ubiquitous

We’re on a mission to accelerate EV adoption by optimizing fleet operations. Read more about our journey

Take control of your EV fleet planning and operations