Optimize and manage your electric fleet, from planning through operation

From electrification of an existing fleet to clean sheet design of a new fleet, Marain's software products can help

Plan and Operate

Marain offers software solutions that enable optimized planning and operation of complex EV fleets at scale

Fleet Planning

Marain Lightning Ball is a comprehensive multi-modal, agent-based transportation and energy simulation and optimization tool suite used to design, plan, evaluate and improve fleet deployments and operations at scale

Fleet Operations

Marain Mind is a dynamic, energy- and demand-aware fleet operations controller that integrates with your fleet management system and continuously re-optimizes your fleet. Mind is trained, tested and updated in Lightning Ball

Optimized and robust fleet planning

Marain Lightning Ball is a simulation platform to inexpensively to plan, design, test and improve real-world fleet operations

Evaluate vehicle specifications

What vehicle attributes does your fleet require?

Create fleet schedules

How long can vehicles operate between depot visits? How should you best utilize vehicles with different ranges or capacities?

Design depot charging infrastructure

Where, what power and how much charging infrastructure is needed to support your fleet?

Test fleet and depot control policies

How should vehicles be dispatched, routed, serviced etc.?

Determine fleet composition

How many of each type of vehicle does your fleet need over multiple phases?

Stress test system

How does your fleet perform during irregular operations? Do vehicles have enough range to complete missions?

Actionable analytics

Marain Lightning Ball Explorer is the comprehensive analytics interface for creating and interacting with fleet simulations

Operate your fleet assets efficiently

Marain Mind provides daily or real-time optimized operating plans for fleets, acting as the integrated intelligence layer for your fleet and depot management systems

Assign vehicles to routes or shifts

Optimize vehicle to mission allocation

Dynamically schedule depot visits and charging

Optimize how the vehicles in your fleet perform planned and unplanned charging and other service functions

Manage deviations in real-time

Re-optimize your fleet in real time in response to internal and external exceptions or pertubations

Add superintelligence to your fleet

Integrate Marain Mind into your FMS to add high performance re-optimization capabilities to your fleet and improve its performance

  • Integrate with existing telematics and fleet management
  • Unlock the value in historic fleet telematics data
  • Make your fleet more responsive in real-time
  • Integrate multiple competing objectives

Fleets of all types

Marain's flexible and powerful technology can be used in a wide range of fleet applications

Take control of your EV fleet planning and operations